To break down isolation among graduate students and promote the sharing of knowledge, the Colonial Society periodically convenes a forum during which graduate students give progress reports on their research thus far and seek advice from an audience of fellow graduate students and their advisors concerning problems they have encountered with their research.

Reviews from Previous Participants: “A wonderful new venue for young historians of early America; may it long continue.” (John Demos). 
Student comments: “The warm, positive feedback and direction I received fired my enthusiasm for research. It was truly invaluable” (University of California, Davis). ““. . . stimulating scholarly exchange combined with wonderful food” (University of Connecticut). “
“I had a fantastic time, and I really appreciate the opportunity to present my work to such a great group.  I received a lot of great suggestions as well as friendly encouragement -- always important!  (University of Virginia)“The forum was one of the best conferences I've attended -- I feel so fortunate to have been a part of it!”(University of Delaware) “I had a wonderful experience and found the comments . . . exceptionally helpful. I also had the opportunity to
meet a group of fellow young scholars that I plan on keeping in touch with . . . (Boston College)
“. . . the feedback really helped my dissertation.” (SUNY-Binghamton)




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