1. Transactions, 1892‑1894                                                                  published 1895
Historical Work in Massachusetts, by Andrew M. Davis
Beverly and the Settlement at Bass River, by Abner C. Goodell, Jr.
John Saffin and his Slave Adam, by Abner C. Goodell, Jr.
Daniel Denison, by Daniel Denison Slade
The Lady Mowlson Scholarship, by William Watson
Minutes of the Bristol Convention of 1774
Corporations in the Days of the Colony, by Andrew  M. Davis
The Right to Coin under the Colonial Charters, by Robert N.Toppan
Psalmodies of Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay, by S. Lothrop Thorndike
A Frontier Family [The Rev. John Wheelwright], by Edmund M. Wheelwright
The Pedigree of Ann Radcliffe, Lady Mowlson, by Andrew M. Davis
The Burial Place of John Saffin, by Abner C. Goodell, Jr.
Andrew and Peter Faneuil, and Peter Baynton and his Sutton Lands, by Henry H. Edes
The Massachusetts Election Sermons, by Lindsay Swift

2. Collections: Massachusetts Royal Commissions, 1681‑1774                                1913
Contains the texts of 53 of the 58 known Royal Commissions

3. Transactions, 1895‑1897                                                                                 1900
Provincial Banks: Land and Silver, by Andrew M. Davis
The Trial and Punishment of Crime in the Court of Assistants in the time of the Colony,      and in the Superior Court of Judicature in the Early Years of the Province,
     by John Noble
Captain John Quelch, the Pirate, by Abner C. Goodell, Jr.
The Site of Governor John Winthrop's House in Boston, by  Frederick L. Gay
Sir Thomas Mowlson, by Andrew M. Davis
Bibliography of the Historical Publications of the New‑England States,
     by Appleton P. C. Griffin
Robert Sedgwick, by Henry D. Sedgwick
New England Plants Seen by the Earliest Colonists, by George L. Goodale
The Libel Suit of Knowles v. Douglass, 1748, 1749, by John Noble
The Suit of Frost v. Leighton, Andrew M. Davis
A Hitherto Unknown Daughter of Benjamin Franklin, by Appleton P. C. Griffin
The Early Court Files of the County of Suffolk, by John Noble
Three Letters of an American Loyalist (Martin Gay) and His Wife, 1775‑1788,
     by Edward Wheelwright
The Harvard Commencement Programme of 1723, by Andrew M. Davis
The Failure to Establish an Hereditary Political Aristocracy in the Colonies,
     by Robert N. Toppan
The Use at American Colleges of the Word, "Campus," by Albert Matthews
A Trial, in 1685, for Frequenting the College Contrary to Law, by John Noble

4. Collections: Land‑Bank and Silver‑Bank Papers,                                                1910
Bibliographies of Massachusetts Laws 1641‑1776,
House Journals 1715‑1766 

Prepared by Andrew M. Davis, Worthington C. Ford, and Albert Matthews

5. Transactions, 1897, 1898                                                                                1902
The Records and Files of the Superior Court of Judicature, and of the Supreme Judicial Court,‑ Their History and Places of Deposit, by John Noble
A Connecticut Land Bank, by Andrew M. Davis
A Fragment of the Original Journal of the House of Deputies, 1649
John Davis of York and His Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1681, by Henry H. Edes
Henry Pelham, the Half‑Brother of John Singleton Copley, by Denison R. Slade
Hired Man and Help, by Albert Matthews
Some Massachusetts Tories, by John Noble
A Hue and Cry, by John Noble

6. Transactions., 1899, 1900                                                                               1904
The New London Society United for Trade and Commerce, 1729‑1732,
     by Andrew M. Davis
The Land Controversies in Maine, 1769‑1772, Involving the Titles under the Pemmaquid      Patent, by John Noble
The Arrest of John Colman, 1720, by Charles K. Bolton
The Places of Worship of the Sandemanians in Boston, by Henry H. Edes
The Topographical Terms "Interval" and "Intervale," by Albert Matthews
The Currency and Provincial Politics, by Andrew M. Davis
Documents Relative to the Early History of Yale University
Joseph Boucher de Niverville, by Albert Matthews
An Old Harvard Commencement Programme, 1730, by John Noble
The Purgatory River of Colorado, by Albert Matthews
The Case of Maria in the Court of Assistants, 1681, by John Noble
Colonial America, by Worthington C. Ford
Chief‑Justice Martin Howard and his Portrait by  Copley, by Henry H. Edes
Previous Legislation" a Corrective for Colonial Troubles, by Andrew M. Davis

7. Transactions, 1900‑1902                                                                                 1905
Documents Relating to Captain Thomas Preston and the Boston Massacre,      communicated by Albert Matthews
Letters of John Winthrop and Edmund Browne, 1633‑1640,
      communicated by Frederick L. Gay
Brother Jonathan, by Albert Matthews
Diary and Letters of George Washington Written in 1785,
      communicated by Worthington C. Ford
A Letter of Miss Fanny Searle Describing an Excursion on the Middlesex Canal in 1817,      communicated by Henry H. Edes
The Term, "Indian Summer," by Albert Matthews
A Journal of Lieutenant‑Colonel Joseph Vose, Written during the Expedition against      Canada, from 26 April to 2 July, 1776, communicated by Henry W. Cunningham
Bounties for Scalps, by Albert Matthews
Edward Rawson, by Robert N. Toppan
The Degree of LL.D. Conferred on Professor John Winthrop by Harvard College in 1773,      by Henry H. Edes
A Diary of George Washington kept at Mount Vernon from 1 January to 30 April, 1786,       communicated by Worthington C. Ford

8. Transactions, 1902‑1904                                                                                 1906
The Term "State House," by Albert Matthews
The Confiscation Laws of Massachusetts, by Andrew M. Davis
Documents from the papers of Richard Clarke concerning the consignment of tea,      1762‑1774, communicated by Denison R. Slade
Joyce Junior [Chairman of the Committee for Tarring and Feathering, 1774],
     by Albert Matthews
Documents relating to land controversies in Maine, 1736‑1770,
     communicated by John Noble
An Incident of the Battle of the Brandywine, by Charles K. Bolton
Letters of James Martineau, 1836‑1890, and James Russell Lowell, 1879‑1898,           communicated by Horace H. Furness
Admiralty Jurisdiction in the Colony and in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay,
      by John Noble
The Word, "Palatine," in America, by Albert Matthews
Some Sobriquets applied to Washington, by Albert Matthews
Letters from Nathaniel Appleton to Eliphalet Pearson, 1773‑1784,
      communicated by William C. Lane
The Origin of Congregationalism, by Edward H. Hall
The Reverend Josse Glover and the Book of Sports, by Henry A. Parker
The Reverend George Burdett, by Henry A. Parker
The Word, "Park," in the United States, by Albert Matthews

9. Collections: Check‑List of Boston Newspapers, 1704-1780                                  1907
by Mary Farwell Ayer with bibliographical notes by  Albert Matthews

10Transactions, 1904‑1906                                                                              1907
The Rev. John Davenport's Election Sermon of 1669, by Lindsay Swift
    [entire pamphlet reproduced by  collotype]
The Proper Editing of old Documents and Books, by Albert Matthews
Some Documentary Fragments touching the Witchcraft Episode of 1692,
     communicated by John Noble
The Rebellion of 1766 in Harvard College, by William C. Lane
A Portrait of Margaret (Fayerweather) Bromfield, by Denison R. Slade
Curious Features of  Some of the Early Notes or Bills used as a Circulating Medium in
     Massachusetts, by Andrew M. Davis
The Truth in History, by Lindsay Swift
The Limitation of Prices in Massachusetts, 1776‑1779, by Andrew M. Davis
Was the Government of the Massachusetts Bay Colony a
      Theocracy? by Horace E. Ware
The Commonplace Book of Benjamin Franklin (1650‑1727),
       communicated by Appleton P. C. Griffin
A Treatise on Dyeing and Coloring by Benjamin Franklin (1650‑1727),
      communicated by Appleton P. C. Griffin
Harvard College and Franklin, by William C. Lane
A Letter of Amos Kent Relating to the Origin of the Porcellian Club Dated 6 July 1799,
      communicated by Henry H. Edes
The Rev. Francis Doughty, by Henry A. Parker
A Search for the Beginnings of Stock Speculation, by Andrew M. Davis
The Present State of the New‑English Affairs, 1689, by Albert Matthews
William Leddra, the Quaker, by John Noble
Two Documents Protesting against the Incorporation of Boston,
      communicated by Worthington C. Ford
Sketch of General Franklin Davenport, by Henry H. Edes
A Petition of Joshua Scottow, 1680, and an Oath, Declaration and Association of Wait      Winthrop, 20 May 1700, by Henry H. Edes

11Transactions, 1906‑1907                                                                              1910

Memoir of Dr. Thomas Young, 1731‑1777, by Henry H. Edes
Harvardinum Restauratum, a Poem, 1766, by Albert Matthews
The English Wentworth Family, by Henry A. Parker
Barberry Bushes and Wheat‑A Supplement to a Chapter in "The Old Farmer and His      Almanack," by Andrew M. Davis
Letters of Washington, 1789‑1793, communicated by Worthington C. Ford
Circulating Libraries in Boston, 1765‑1865, by Charles K. Bolton
The Autobiography of Captain Jonathan Chapman, 1756‑1832,
     communicated by John Noble, Jr.
The Burgis‑Price View of Boston, by John H. Edmonds
The Feoffees of Impropriations, by Henry A. Parker
Joyce Junior Once More, by Albert Matthews
Mr. Blackstone's Excellent Spring,' by Michael J. Canavan
John Harvard in England, by James K. Hosmer
Letters of William Plummer, 1786‑1787, communicated by Worthington C. Ford
The Snake Devices, 1754‑1776, and the Constitutional Courant, 1765, by Albert

12. Transactions, 1908‑1909                                                                               1911
John Harvard's Life in America, or Social and Political Life in New England in 1637‑1638,
     by Andrew M. Davis
The Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, by Henry A. Parker
The Secession of Springfield from Connecticut, by Simeon E. Baldwin
Satirical epitaphs on Alexander Wedderburn and Governor Thomas Hutchinson, 1774,
     communicated by Albert Matthews
Washington's Ledger, 1745‑1756, communicated by Worthington C. Ford
An Incident in Winthrop's Voyage to New England, by Horace E. Ware
The Old Boston Public Library, 1656‑1747, by Michael J. Canavan
Hints of Contemporary Life in the Writings of Thomas Shepard, by Andrew M. Davis
Bermuda Clergy in New England, by Henry A. Parker
Winthrop's Course across the Atlantic, by Horace E. Ware
The Political Theory of the Mayflower Compact, by John T. Blodgett
Dr. Benjamin Gott: A Family of Doctors, by Horace Davis
Manuscript Volume of Ebenezer Turell, Harvard 1721,
      communicated by William C. Lane
The Debt of Massachusetts to Thomas Hutchinson, by James K. Hosmer
Some Differences between Plymouth and Jamestown, by Morton Dexter
Diary of the Rev. Samuel Checkley, 1735, communicated by Henry W. Cunningham
The First Harvard Doctors of Medicine, by Morris H. Morgan
Excommunication in Colonial Churches, by Charles E. Park
Social Libraries in Boston, by Charles K. Bolton
The Origin of the Name of Maine, by Albert Matthews
A Forgotten Prime Meridian, by Horace E. Ware

13. Transactions, 1910‑1911                                                                               1912
A Bibliographical Puzzle, by Andrew M. Davis
George Stirk, Minister, by George L. Kittredge
A Note on Dr. William Ames, by George L. Kittredge
Lists of New England Magazines of the Eighteenth Century, by Albert Matthews
Two Ruling Elders of the First Church in Boston: Thomas Leverett and Thomas Oliver,
     by Charles E. Park
The term, "Favorite Son," by Albert Matthews
A Sacrament Certificate, 1673, by Albert Matthews
A Letter of Thomas Welde, 1633
Sir Matthew and Lady Holworthy, by Albert Matthews
Sketch of General Franklin Davenport, by Henry H. Edes
Sir Matthew and Lady Holworthy, by Albert Matthews
Observation with the Dipping Needle at Boston in 1722, by Horace E. Ware
William Whiston and Cotton Mather, by Julius H. Tuttle
John Tulley's Almanacks, 1687‑1702, by Alfred B. Page
A Supplement to "A Forgotten Prime Meridian," by Horace E. Ware
Andrew Eliot's Profession of Faith, by Henry H. Edes
A Bond Dated 57 January 1695‑96, by John W. Farwell
An Irish Song by Thomas O'Meehan Relating to Washington, by George L. Kittredge
Documents relating to Washington and the Delaware Chiefs,1779,
     communicated by Henry H. Edes
The Relations between the First Church of Hartford and the First Church in Cambridge,      by Edward H. Hall
A Petition to Governor Shute from the Inhabitants of the North of Ireland, 1718,
     by Charles K. Bolton
Early Libraries in New England, by Julius H. Tuttle
Letters of Dennys de Berdt, 1757‑1770

14. Transactions, 1911-1913                                                                               1913
The Burning of Harvard Hall, 1764, and Its Consequences, by Francis A. Foster
Edward Breck's Letter on the Quakers, Dated 17 August, 1655, by Dr. Edward Breck
The Washington Youths at Academy, 1795‑1797, by Albert Matthews
The Library of Dr. William Ames, by Julius H. Tuttle
Cotton Mather's Election into the Royal Society, by George L. Kittredge
Letters of Samuel Lee and Samuel Sewall Relating to New England and the Indians,
     by George L. Kittredge
The Indian Sachem Ninnigret, by Albert Matthews
A Letter of the Rev. Thomas Shepard, 1672
A Visit to the Archives of Westminster Abbey, by Andrew M. Davis
John Dunton's Letters from New England, by Chester N. Greenough
Early Discussions of Americanisms, by Albert Matthews
A Ghost‑Book [the alleged London edition in 1669 of Morton's New England's Memoriall
      by Albert Matthews
Further Notes on Cotton Mather and the Royal Society, by George L. Kittredge
Notes on the Harvard College Records, by Albert Matthews
The Property of Harrison Gray, Loyalist, by Samuel F. Morison
Colonel Elizeus Burges, by Albert Matthews
New Hampshire Merchants' Notes, 1734‑1735, by Andrew M. Davis
The Acceptance of the Explanatory Charter, 1725‑1726, by Albert Matthews
Hall's Coffee House, Boston, by Henry H. Edes

15. Collections: Harvard College Records I                                                           1925
  College Books I, III, IV (1636‑June 17 12)

16. Collections: Harvard College Records II                                                          1925

College Book IV (Cont.) (July 1712‑Sept. 1750)

17. Transactions, 1913‑1914                                                                               1915

Notes on the Massachusetts Royal Commissions, 1681‑1775,, by Albert Matthews
Early Manuscript Maps of New England, by Julius H. Tuttle
Elijah Corlet and the "Faire Grammar Schoole at Cambridge," by George E. Littlefield
Diary of George Washington, I May to 3 July 1786,
     communicated by Worthington C. Ford
The Rev. John Phillips of Dedham, by Julius H. Tuttle
The Teaching of French at Harvard College before 1750, by Albert Matthews
The Indictment and Tryall of Sir Richard Rum, Boston, 1724, by John W. Farwell
The First Official Frontier of the Massachusetts Bay, by Frederick J. Turner
Tentative Lists of Temporary Students at Harvard College, 1639‑1800,
      by Albert Matthews
The Term, "Pilgrim Fathers," and Early Celebrations of Forefathers' Day,
      by Albert Matthews
Changes in the Editorship of the Massachusetts Province Laws, by Andrew M. Davis

18. Transactions, 1915‑1916                                                                               1917

Franklin as a Scientist, by John Trowbridge
Judge Davis's Edition of Nathaniel Morton's New England Memorial, 1826,
      by Arthur Lord
Diary of George Washington, 1 August to 18 October 1786,
      communicated by Worthington C. Ford
Poem on Election Day in Massachusetts about 1760, by Samuel E. Morison
Articles of the Philomusarian Club, Harvard College, 1726,
      communicated by Julius H. Tuttle
Proper Treatment of the Massachusetts Archives, by Worthington C. Ford
Solemn League and Covenant, 1774, by Albert Matthews
The Pilgrims in Holland and America, by Winslow Warren
New England and the Western Fur‑Trade, 1629‑1675, by Arthur H. Bunton
Samuel Mather (H. C. 1723): His Honorary Degrees and Works, by Albert Matthews
Early Interest in Dighton Rock, by Edmund B. Delabarre
A Conflict in the Official Records, by Andrew M. Davis
Harvard Commencement Days, 1642‑1916, by Albert Matthews
List of Books bought by Cotton Mather from the Harvard College Library in 1682,
     by Clarence S. Brig ham

19. Transactions, 1916‑1917                                                                               1918
Note on the 1672 Edition and the 1675 Volume of the Massachusetts General Laws,
by Albert Matthews
Middle Period of Dighton Rock History, by Edmund B. Del aharre
Boston Merchants and the Non‑Importation Movement, by Charles M. Andrews
Notes on Early Autopsies and Anatomical Lectures, by Albert Matthews
Ephraim Eliot's Private Report on the Harvard Class of 1780,
      communicated by Samuel E. Morison
The King's Gift to Christ Church, Boston, 1733, by Edward P. Merritt
Diary of the Rev. Thomas Prince, 1737
State of Trade, 1763, communicated by Charles M. Andrews

20. Transactions, 1917‑1919                                                                               1920
The Beginnings of International Law in the United States of America,
     by Thomas W. Beach
Dr. William Lee Perkins (1737‑1797), by Albert Matthews
Captain Thomas Pound, Pilot, Pirate, Cartographer, and Captain in the Royal Navy,
      by John H. Edmonds
Americana in English Newspapers, 1648‑1660, by Roger P. McCutcheon
Remarks on a Portrait of the Electress Sophia, by Julius H. Tuttle
Samuel Sewall and Nicholas Noyes on Wigs, by Worthington C. Ford
Edward Goddard's Journal of the Peace‑Commission to the Eastern Indians, 1726,
     by Brewer G. Whitmore
Economic Conditions in Massachusetts during the American Revolution,
     by Ralph V. Harlow
The Gifts of Richard Baxter and Henry Ashurst to Harvard College, by Clifford B. Clapp
Origin of Butternut and Copperhead, by Albert Matthews
Elegy on Urian Oakes, 1681, by Daniel Gookin, Jr., by Clarence S. Brigham
Recent History of Dighton Rock, by Edmond B. Delabarre

21. Transactions, 1919 &1920
Dr. Robert Child the Remonstrant, by George L. Kittredge
Comenius and Harvard College, by Albert Matthews
Catalogue of John Harvard's Library, by Alfred C. Potter
John Dunton Again, by Chester N. Greenough
Early Sunday Schools in Massachusetts, by Albert Matthews
Is There a Mark Baskett Bible of 1752? by Charles L. Nichols
Land Warrants Issued under Andros, 1687‑1688, by Julius H.Tuttle
The Harvard College Charter of 1672, by Albert Matthews
New England Town Mandates, by Kenneth Colegrove

22.  Collections: Plymouth Church Records 1620‑.1859 I                                       1920
  Available on CD-ROM only through NEHGS

Volume I, 1620‑1732, Part I, 1620‑1680, History of the
          Plymouth Church, by William Bradford and Nathaniel
          Morton, Dialogue, 1648, by William Bradford; Part II,
          1667‑1699, by John Cotton; Part III, 1703‑1723, by
          Ephraim Little; Part IV, 1724‑1732, by Nathaniel
          Leonard‑Transactions, Members, and Baptisms, Books
         Owned by Church. Volume II, 1732‑1799, by Nathaniel
          Leonard and Chandler Robbins

23.    Collections: Plymouth Church Records 1620‑1859 II    
Available on CD-ROM only through NEHGS
Volume II continued. Volume III, 1799‑1859,
      by Chandler Robbins and James Kendall

24. Transactions, 1920‑1922                                                                               1923

The Pilgrim Spirit, by Winslow Warren
Notes on Some Manuscript Sermons preached by the Rev. Simon Bradstreet in
     Marblehead, 1743‑1769, by Henry W. Foote
Massachusetts Land Grants in Vermont, by Herbert W. Denio
Note on Robert Elliston (1680‑1756), by Albert Matthews
The Building of Massachusetts Hall, 1717‑1720, by William C. Lane
Writings of George Ware Briggs (18 10‑1895), by Albert Matthews
List of Plymouth Colony Freemen, 1675
Early Silver Belonging to Harvard College, by William C. Lane
Plymouth Plantation and the Golden Age, by Edward K. Rand
Extracts from George William Crosby's Annals of Belfast, Maine
Sir Francis Bernard and His Grant of Mount Desert, by William 0. Sawtell
Earl Percy's Retreat to Boston on the Nineteenth of April, 1775, by Harold Murdock
Note on the Courier Politique de l'Univers, Boston, 1792‑1793, by Percival Merritt
A Religious Society at Harvard College, 1719, by William C. Lane
Beverly Privateers in the American Revolution, by Octavius T. Howe

25. Transactions, 1922‑1924                                                                               1924

The Harvard College Library, 1723‑1735, by Alfred C. Potter
University Alumni Founders of New England, by J. Gardner Bartlett
New Hampshire's Part in Restoring the Library and Apparatus of Harvard College after
     the Fire of 1764, by William C. Lane
Christo et Ecclesiae, by Clifford B. Clapp
Josiah Bartlett's Log of the Pilgrim, 1781‑1782, communicated by Samuel E. Morison
Peter Livius, the Troublemaker, by Lawrence S. Mayo
Bibliographical Notes on "An Account of the Conversion of the Rev. John Thayer,"
      by Percival Merritt
Dr. AmosWinship (1745‑1813; H.C. 1771), by Samuel E. Morison
Sketches of the Three Earliest Roman Catholic Priests in Boston: Claude Florent Bouchard de la Poterie, Louis de Rousselet, and John Thayer, by Percival Merritt
The Puritans and the New Testament, by Kenneth B. Murdock
Manuscript Laws of Harvard College, 1642-1767, communicated by William C. Lane
The Loyalty of Barnstable in the Revolution, by Francis T. Bowles
The Case of the Rev. Josiah Baxter, by Worthington C. Ford
Sketch of the Rev. Stephen Christopher Lewis, by Percival Merritt
The Name "New England" as Applied to Massachusetts, by Albert Matthews
Draught of a Royal Charter for Harvard College, 1723, by Albert Matthews

Index to Volumes 1‑ 25                                                                                      1932

26. Transactions                                                                                                1927
The Printer of the Harvard Theses of 1771, by William C.Lane
Ebenezer Mackintosh: Stamp Act Rioter and Patriot, by George P. Anderson
The New England Whale‑Fisheries, by Francis R. Hart
The Cost of Printing the Eliot Indian Tracts, 166o, by George P. Winship
Notes on Bunker Hill, by Harold Murdock
Some Observations on the Spirit and Influence of the American Frontier,
      by William MacDonald
Pascal Paoli, An Inspiration to the Sons of Liberty, by George P. Anderson
Governor Dudley and the Proposed Treaty of Neutrality, 1705, by Arthur H. Buflinton
New Light on John Harvard, by J. Leslie Hotson
Richard Wharton, A Seventeenth‑Century New England Colonial, by Viola F. Barnes
Extracts from the Diary of Josiah Cotton
A Letter Relating to the Publication of Cotton Mather's Magna1a,
      by Chester N. Greenough
Sketch of Samuel Mather of Whitney (1674‑1733), by Thomas J. Holmes
The French Protestant Church in Boston, by Percival Merritt
A Note on Ebenezer Mackintosh, by George P. Anderson
The Code of Honor in Colonial and Revolutionary Times with Special Reference to New
     England, by Evarts B. Greene
Cotton Mather and the Rectorship of Yale College, by Kenneth B. Murdock
Centennial Celebrations, by Albert Matthews
John Nelson's Voyage to Quebec in 1682: A Chapter in the Fisheries Controversy,
     by Arthur H. Burnnton
Charles Bagot's Notes on Housekeeping and Entertaining at Washington, 1819,
by Samuel E. Morison

27. Transactions, 1927‑1930                                                                               1932

Remarks on the Compilation of the Boston Book of Possessions, by Samuel C. Clough
The Teaching of Latin and Greek at the Boston Latin School in 1712,
     by Kenneth B. Murdock
Jeremy Belknap's Apologue of the Hen at Pennycook, by Lawrence S. Mayo
The Great Rebellion in Harvard College, and the Resignation of President Kirkland,
      by Samuel E. Morison
Schoolmasters of Colonial Boston, by Robert F. Seybolt
Harvard College Lotteries, by John Noble
Verses by Adam Winthrop, by George L. Kittredge
A Note on Increase Mather's Expenses as Colonial Agent, by Kenneth B. Murdock
The Plantation of Nashaway‑An Industrial Experiment, by Samuel E. Morison
On the Panama Route during the Gold Rush to California, by Philip P. Chase
Origin of the Term, "Lynch Law," by Albert Matthews
Isaac Johnson, Esquire, the Founder of Boston, by Michael J. Canavan
The Course of the Arbella from Cape Sable to Salem, by Samuel E. Morison
Sir Thomas Temple in Boston, a Case of Benevolent Assimilation,
      by Arthur H. Buffinton
The Massachusetts Temper, by William MacDonald
The Autobiography of Thomas Shepard

28. Transactions, 1930‑1933                                                                               1935
A Harvard Salutatory Oration of 1662, by George L. Kittredge
Notes on John Josselyn, Gent., by Fulmer Mood
Lieutenant Governor Thomas Oliver, 1734‑1815, by Oliver Elton
The Puritan View of War, by Arthur H. Buflinton
John Cotton's "Moses His Judicials," by Isabel M. Calder
Three Early Massachusetts Libraries, by Charles F. and Robin Robinson
Some Bibliographical Notes on Cotton Mather's "The Accomplished Singer,"
      by Matt B. Jones           
Jonathan Edward's Background of Reading, by Thomas H. Johnson
French Policy in the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1697‑1712, by Francis Parkman
Governor Burdett in the Diary of Benjamin Walker, Jr., by Julius H. Tuttle
The Wicked Primer, by Charles E. Goodspeed
Note on the Education of Thomas Parker, of Newbury, by Samuel E. Morison
Historic Doubts Regarding Early Massachusetts History, by Charles M. Andrews
The Heir of a Lancashire House [Roger Kenyon], by George A. Moriarty, Jr.
A Forgotten Chapter of New England Commerce [Mauritius], by Robert E. Peabody
England's Trade with New England and New York, 1685‑1720, by Curtis Nettels
Note on the Library of George Alcock, Medical Student, 1676, by Samuel E. Morison
Harvard Text‑Books and Reference Books of the Seventeenth Century,
     by Arthur 0. Norton
Governor Hutchinson's Own Copies of His History of Massachusetts Bay,
     by Lawrence S. Mayo
Student Libraries at Harvard, 1763‑1764, by Robert F. Seybolt
Defoe in Boston, by Chester N. Greenough

29. Collections: Records of the Suffolk County Court 1671-1689 I                           1933

       Sessions of 31 October 1671‑26 January 1674/5

30. Collections: Records of the Suffolk County Court 1671-1689 II                          1933

        Sessions of 27 April 1675‑27 January 1679/80

31. Collections: Harvard College Records III                                                        1935

The Harvard College Charter of 1650
Chesholmes's Steward's Book, 1651 ‑ 1660
President Dunster's Quadriennium Memoir, 1654
Jonathan Mitchell's Modell, c. 1663
Harvard College Laws and Customs, 1655, 1692, 1734/5, and 1767
Nathaniel Rogers's Valedictory Oration, 1652
Urian Oakes's Salutatory Oration, 1677
Benjamin Wadsworth's Book, 1725‑1736

32. Transactions, 1933‑1937                                                                               1937

Ware Memorial Address, by Charles F. Park
The New England Clergy of the "Glacial Age," by Clifford K. Shipton
Benjamin Franklin and the Stamp Act, by Verner W. Crane
A Broadside Advertising Eleuthera and the Bahama Islands, London, 1647,
     by Fulmer Mood
John Maylem, Poet and Warrior, by Lawrence C. Wroth
The Royal Governors of New England, by Leonard W Labaree
The Last Voyage of the Province Galley, by Robert E. Moody
Henry Robinson and the Authorship of the Bahama Articles and Orders, 1647,
      by Fulmer Mood
The Weld‑Peter Mission to England, by Raymond P. Stearns
The Marrow of Puritan Divinity, by Perry Miller
The Massachusetts Experiment of 1630, by Arthur H. Buffinton
The Reverend Seaborn Cotton's Commonplace Book, by Samuel E. Morison
John Clark, Historian of Bunker Hill, by Allen French
Brother Jonathan Once More, by Albert Matthews
Note on Two Winthrops and a Mouse, 1640, by Stewart Mitchell
Propaganda and the Boston Newspaper Press, by Arthur M. Schlesinger
Desiderata in Colonial Literary History, by Howard M. Jones
The Honorable Charles Phelps, by Dr. James L. Huntington
Documents Relating to the Last Meetings of the Massachusetts Royal Council,
      1774‑1776, edited by Albert Matthews
A Voyage to the Mediterranean during the Napoleonic Wars, by Robert E. Peabody
The Letter‑Book of Hugh Hall, Merchant of Barbados, 1716‑1776,
     by Samuel E. Morison
Classical Precedents in the Writings of James Wilson, by Richard M. Gummere

33. Collections: Morton's Compendium Physicae                                                   1940

With a biographical sketch of Charles Morton by Samuel E. Morison and an introduction to the Compendium, by Theodore Hornberger

34. Transactions, 1937‑1942  & 1943

The Misfortunes of Dorcas Griffiths, by Frank W. C. Hersey
The American Merchant and the Constitution, by Curtis P. Nettels
Quaker Relief during the Siege of Boston, by Henry J. Cadbury
The Commonplace Book of Joseph Green, edited by Samuel E. Morison
The Proposed Colony of Georgia in New England, 1713‑1733, by Robert E. Moody
The Development of Frederick Jackson Turner as a Historical Thinker, by Fulmer Mood
John Harvard's Library, by Henry J. Cadbury
Catholicism and the New England Mind, by the Reverend Arthur J. Riley
A War Refugee of 1800 [Michaele Felice Corne], by Robert E. Peabody
John Wilkes and William Palfrey, by George M. Elsey
Tar and Feathers: The Adventures of Captain John Malcom, by Frank W. C. Hersey
Gavelkind and the Charter of Massachusetts Bay, by George L. Haskins
A Boston Heiress and Her Husbands: A True Story, by Edmund S. Morgan
The Topical Verses of Edward Taylor, edited by Thomas H. Johnson
The Boston Theatre, 1800, by Peter Oliver
John Mein: Scourge of Patriots, by John E. Alden

35. Transactions, 1942‑1946                                                                               1951

Some Common Diseases of Colonial Children, by Ernest Caulfield
The Will of Henry Davenport, by Isabel M. Calder
Records of the Rhode Island Court of Equity, by Zechariah Chafee, Jr.
Harvard Men in England, 1642‑1714, by William L. Sachse
A Scottish Classicist in Colonial America, by Richard M. Gummere
Early Water‑Color Paintings of New England Coats of Arms, by Harold Bowditch
The First Independent School in America, by Richard W. Hale, Jr.
The Diary of Michael Wigglesworth, edited by Edmund S. Morgan

36. Collections: William Bingham's Maine Lands, 1790‑ 1820, I                               1954
Edited by Frederick S. Allis, Jr.

Note on the Principal Manuscript Sources, Background for
          Speculation, The Knox‑Duer Purchase, Bingham Takes
          Command, Fontaine Leval, Preparations for Promotion,
          Major Jackson in Europe, The Early Life of David Cobb,
          The Start of Cobb's Agency, Problems of Speculation, The
          Sale to Baring

37.  Collections: William Bingham's Maine Lands, 1790-1820, II                             1954
Edited by Frederick S. Allis, Jr.

1796‑1803, 1804‑1820, The End of Cobb's Agency, Appendices

38. Transactions, 1947‑1951                                                                              1959

Sir Christopher Gardyner, by Louis D. Saco
John Dury's Correspondence with the Clergy of New England about Ecclesiastical Peace,
      by G. H. Turnbull
Robert Child, by G. H. Turnbull
Extortion, Captain Turner, and the Widow Stolion, by Charles E. Goodspeed
The Routes of Boston's Trade, 1752‑1765, by Murray G. Lawson
Antoine de Lamothe Cadillac, Lord of Douaquet, by Richard W. Hale, Jr.
The New England Company of 1694 and Its Missionary Enterprise, by Frederick L. Weis
George Stirk, Philosopher by Fire (1628?‑1665), by G. H. Turnbull
A Seventeenth‑Century Pennacook Quilled Pouch, by Ernest S. Dodge
Fund Raising in the 1750's, by Palfrey Perkins
The King's Chapel Library, by Walter M. Whitehill
Judge Oliver and the Small Oliver House in Middleborough, by Peter Oliver
The Islesford Museum, by Wendell S. Hadlock
Early Parliamentary Legislation on Writs of Assistance, by Joseph R. Frese
Tutor Flynt's Silver Chamber‑Pot, by Walter M. Whitehill
The Pilgrim Fathers, Their Significance in History, by Samuel E. Morison
The Mayflower's Destination, and the Pilgrim Fathers' Patents, by Samuel E. Morison
The Question of French Involvement in King Phillip's War, by Douglas E. Leach

39. Collections: Records of the First Church in Boston I                                         1961
Edited by Richard D. Pierce

Historical Introduction
Lists of Pastors and Teachers, Ruling Elders, Deacons, and Meeting Houses
Volume One: Admissions to Membership, 1630‑1778; Church Discipline, Dismissals; Occasional Church Votes, 1630‑1738; Church Votes, 1719‑1785; Baptisms, 1630‑1847

40. Collections: Records of the First Church in Boston II                                        1961
  Available on CD-ROM only through NEHGS
Edited by Richard D. Pierce

Volume One (continued): Baptisms, 1666‑1847; Legacies
Volume Two: Admissions to Membership, 1786‑1824; Church Votes, 1828‑1841; Admissions to Membership, 1927‑1956; Baptisms, 1794; Admissions to Membership,
Volume Three: Church Votes, 1841‑1842 (Marriages, 1778‑1786); Legacies, 1671‑1815;
Church Votes, 1843‑1868; Baptisms, 1848‑1868
Volume Four: Meetings of Church and Congregation, 1786‑1815
Volume Five: Records of Proprietors of Pews, 1808‑1837

41. Collections: Records of the First Church in Boston III                                       1961
  Available on CD-ROM only through NEHGS
Edited by Richard D. Pierce

Volume Five (continued): Records of Proprietors of Pews 1837‑1868
Volume Six: Records of Marriages, 1801‑1867
General Index
Index of Names

42. Transactions, 1952‑1956                                                                               1964

Nehemiah Bourne, by William R. Chaplin
Byrd and Sewall: Two Colonial Classicists, by Richard M. Gummere
A Court Roll of Scrooby Manor, by Warren 0. Ault
John Winthrop (1681‑1747) and His Gifts to The Royal Society, by Raymond P. Stearns
The Apologia of Robert Keayne, edited by Bernard Bailyn
American Writing Masters and Copybooks, by Ray Nash
The History of Roque Island, Maine, by John P. Monks, edited by Diana Whitehill Laing
John Huske's Proposals for Improving American Trade, 1765, by William L. Sachse

43. Transactions, 1956‑1963                                                                               1966

American Independence, The Growth of an Idea, A Bibliographical Study of the American Political Pamphlets Published between 1764 and 1776 Dealing with the Dispute
      between Great Britain and Her Colonies, by Thomas R. Adams
An American Critic and a German Vogue, the Theatrical Pioneering of
     Robert Treat Paine, by E. M. and S. B. Puknat
Notes on the Charity of Edward Hopkins, 1657‑1957, by David McCord
A Candle in a Corner, How Harvard College Got the Hopkins Legacy, by Alan Simpson
The Latin Grace Used at the Society's Dinners, by Henry W. Foote
New England's Tory Neighbors, by W. Stewart MacNutt
Joseph Barrell's Pleasant Hill, by Dean A. Fales, Jr.
The Merrimack Valley Textile Museum, by J. Bruce Sinclair
The Indentures of Boston's Poor Apprentices, 1734‑1805, by Lawrence W. Towner

44. Collections: The Journals of Ashley Bowen(1728‑1813) of Marblehead I             1973
Edited by Philip C. F. Smith, Foreword, 1728‑1772

45.  Collections: The Journals of Ashley Bowen (1732‑1813) of Marblehead II         1973
Edited by Philip C. F. Smith, 1773‑1813, Appendices,
                Condensed Bibliography, Index

44 & 45 For the Set

46. Collections: Boston Prints and Printmakers                                                     1973
Edited by Walter M. Whitehill and Sinclair H. Hitchings

Boston by Bostonians: The Printed Plans and Views of the Colonial City by Its Artists,
     Cartographers, Engravers, and Publishers, by John W. Reps
William Burgis, by Richard B. Holman
Thomas Johnston, by Sinclair H. Flitchings
Peter Pelham (c. 1697‑1751), Sometime Printmaker of Boston, by Andrew Oliver
A Recently Discovered Engraving of the Old State House in Boston,
     by Abbott L. Cummings
Heraldic and Emblematic Engravers of Colonial Boston, by Martha G. Fales
American Scientific Illustration, 1675‑1775, by Charles B. Wood III
Prints of the American Indfan, 1670‑1775, by Bradford F. Swan

47. Collections: Notebook of the Rev. John Fiske, 1674‑1675                                 1974
Edited by Robert G. Pope

48. Collections: Boston Furniture of the Eighteenth Century                                    1974
Edited by Waiter M. Whitehill, Brock Jobe, and Jonathan Fairbanks

The Boston Furniture Industry 1720‑1740, by BrockJobe
Boston Japanned Furniture, by Dean A. Fales, Jr.
Boston's Colonial Japanners: The Documentary Record, by Sinclair H. Hitchings
Boston Blockfront Furniture, by Margaretta M. Lovell
The Bombe Furniture of Boston, by Gilbert T. Vincent
Ornamental Carving on Boston Furniture of the Chippendale Style,
      by Mary Ellen H. Yehia
Benjamin Frothingham, by Richard H. Randall, Jr.
New England Timbers, by Gordon Saltar
Eighteenth‑Century Boston Furniture Craftsmen, by Myrna Kaye
Readings on Individual Craftsmen

49. Collections: Documents from the Harvard University Archives 1638‑1750          1975
Edited by Robert W. Lovett. Harvard College Records, Part IV, 1628-1722

50. Collections: Documents from the Harvard University Archives 1638‑1750          1975  $15
Edited by Robert W. Lovett. Harvard College Records, PartV, 1722‑1750

51. Collections: Architecture in Colonial Massachusetts                                          1979
Edited by Abbott L. Cummings

The Early History of the Paul Revere House, by Stephen J.Roper
The Royall House in Medford: A Re‑Evaluation of the Structural and Documentary
      Evidence, by Arthur L. Finney
Plymouth Colony Architecture: Archaeological Evidence from the Seventeenth Century,
      by James Deetz
The James Blake House: A Documentary Study, by Edward Zimmer
The Building of Trinity Church, Boston, by James B. Peabody
Measured Drawings of the Hancock House, by John Hubbard
Sturgis: A Legacy to the Colonial Revival, by Margaret H.Floyd
Massachusetts and Its First Period Houses, by Abbott L. Cummings
Summary Abstracts of the Structural History of a Significant Sampling of First Period
      Houses at Massachusetts Bay, by Abbott L. Cummings
Massachusetts Bay Building Documents, 1638‑1726, by Abbott L. Cummings

52. Collections: Seafaring in Colonial Massachusetts                                              1980
Edited by Philip C. F. Smith

Vessel Types of Colonial Massachusetts, William A. Baker
Abraham Browne's Captivity by the Barbary Pirates, 1655, by Stephen T. Riley
Guarding the New England Coast: The Naval Career of Cyprian Southack,
     by Sinclair Hitchings
The Colonial Charting of the Massachusetts Coast, by William P. Cumming
The Atlantic Neptune, by Augustus P. Loring
The Price and Profits of Accommodation: Massachusetts­Louisburg Trade, 1713‑1744,
     by Donald F. Chard
The Whale Oil Trade, by Richard C. Kugler
King George, The Massachusetts Province Ship, 1757‑1763: A Survey,
     by Philip C. F. Smith
Smuggling, the Navy, and the Customs Service, 1763‑1772, by Joseph R. Frese, S. J.

53. Collections: Music in Colonial Massachusetts 1630‑1820 I:                                1980
Music in Public Places  $15
Edited by Barbara Lambert

Selected American Country Dances and Their English Sources,
      by Joy Van Cleef and Kate Keller
Military Music of Colonial Boston, by Raoul F. Camus
Songs to Cultivate the Sensations of Freedom, by Arthur F. Schrader
Broadsides and Their Music in Colonial America, by Carleton Sprague Smith
Commentary on the Tunes, by Israel J. Katz
Programs of Two Concerts

 54. Collections: Music in Colonial Massachusetts 1630‑1820 II:                              1985
 Music in Homes and Churches  $15

Social Music, Musicians, and Their Musical Instruments in and around Colonial Boston,
      by Barbara Lambert
A Musical Gathering. Investigative Steps and Preliminary Conjectures, by Phyllis Braff
Eighteenth‑Century Massachusetts Songsters, by Irving Lowens
Massachusetts Musicians and the Core Repertory of Early American Psalmody,
     by Richard Crawford
The Musical Pursuits of William Price and Thomas Johnston, by Sinclair Hitchings
Eighteenth‑Century Organs and Organ Building in New England, by Barbara Owen
Epilogue to Secular Music in Early Massachusetts, by Cynthia A. Hoover
A Seventeenth‑Century Experiment on the Transmission of Sound
Civic Announcements: The Role of Drums, Criers, and Bells in the Colonies,
     by Barbara Lambert and M. Sue Ladr
Music Masters in Colonial Boston, by Barbara Lambert
Musical Theses at Colonial Harvard, by Edward T. Dunn, S. J.

53 & 54 For the set

55. Collections: The Records of Trinity Church, Boston 1728‑1830                          1980
Edited by Andrew Oliver and James B. Peabody

Notes and Transactions of the Proprietors, 1728‑1769
Vestry Minutes, 1739‑1829
Trinity Church Accounts, 1730‑1823
The Will of William Price, 1771
Accounts of the Greene Foundation, 1776‑1814
A Sermon Preached by the Reverend John Sylvester John Gardner on the Death of the
      Right Reverend Samuel Parker at Trinity Church on 9 December 1804

56. Collections: The Records of Trinity Church, Boston 1728‑1830                          1982
Edited by Andrew Oliver and James B. Peabody

Baptisms, 1738‑1830
Marriages, 1737‑1829
Burials and Funerals, 1739‑1829

57. Collections: Medicine in Colonial Massachusetts,1620‑1820                               1980
Edited by Philip Cash, Eric H. Christianson, and J. Worth Estes

An Overview of Massachusetts History to 1829, by the Editors
The Historiography of Early American Medicine, by the Editors
Eighteenth‑Century Medicine and the Modern Physician, by the Editors
The Healing Arts in Colonial and Revolutionary Massachusetts:
      The Context for Scientific Medicine, by Richard D. Brown
The Medical Practitioners of Massachusetts, 1630‑1800:
Patterns of Change and Continuity, by Eric H. Christianson
The Professionalization of Boston Medicine, 1760‑1803, by Philip Cash
The Influence of Europe on Colonial Massachusetts Medicine, by C. Helen Brock
The Medical Profession in Colonial Boston, by G. B. Warden
Medicine in Boston and Philadelphia: Comparisons and Contrasts, 1750‑1820,
     by Whitfield J. Bell, Jr.
The Boston Medical Community and Emerging Science, 1780‑1820, by John C. Greene
Charity, Medical Charity, and Dependency in Eighteenth­Century Essex County,
     Massachusetts, by Douglas L. Jones
Surgery in Massachusetts, 1620‑1800, by William C. Wigglesworth
Church Record‑Keeping and Public Health in Early New England, by James H. Cassedy
Botanic Remedies in Colonial Massachusetts, 1620‑1820, by George E. Glifford, Jr.
Therapeutic Practice in Colonial New England, by J. Worth Estes

58. Collections: The Confessions of Thomas Shepard                                             1981
Edited by George Selement and Bruce C. Woolley

59. Collections: Sibley's Heir, a Volume in Memory of Clifford Kenyon Shipton         1982
Edited by Frederick S. Allis, Jr. and Philip C. F. Smith

Clifford Kenyon Shipton, 1902‑1973, by Harley P. Holden
Clifford Kenyon Shipton and the Early American Imprints, by James E. Mooney
Clifford Kenyon Shipton: A Checklist of His Publications, by Marcus A. McCorison
The Education of Samuel Phillips, Jr., Founder of Phillips Academy,
     by Frederick S. Allis, Jr.
William Hack and the Description of New England, by Richard Boulind
Collectors and Keepers in the England of Elizabeth and James, by Lester J. Cappon
Harvard College on the Eve of the American Revolution, by Sheldon S. Cohen
A Survey of Apocryphal Visions in Late Eighteenth‑Century America,
     by Robert Girouard
Commentary on Selected Correspondence between Increase Mather and Sir William
      Ashurst, by Harley P. Holden
The Harvard Diary of Pitt Clarke, 1786‑1791, by Ernest J. Knapton
Country Parson Goes to War, by Robert W. Lovett
The Elusive Mr. Blackburn, by Andrew Oliver
Cotton's Dilemma: Another Look at the Antinomian Controversy, by Norman Pettit
Robert Treat Paine and John Adams: A Colonial Rivalry, by Stephen T. Riley
John Prince and Early Scientific Instrument Making (Foreword by I. Bernard Cohen)
     by Sara J. Schnechner
John Cotton's Treatise on the Duration of the Lord's Day, by Winton U. Solberg
True Confessions and Dying Warnings in Colonial New England,
     by Lawrence W. Towner
"Shadrack Ireland and the 'Immortals' of Colonial New England," by Francis G. Walett
The Great Seals Deputed of Massachusetts Bay, by Peter Walne
The Misbehavior of Miles Greenwood (1736‑1814) of Salem, by Walter M. Whitehill

6o. Collections: The Pynchon Papers Volume I,                                                     1982
Letters of John
Pynchon, 1654-1700   
Edited with an Introduction by Carl Bridenbaugh, collected by Juliette Tomlinson

Chronologies, Introduction: John Pynchon, the First of the Lords of the Valley; The Letters; Appendix: Sermon Preached at John Pynchon's Funeral by Solomon Stoddard

61. Collections: The Pynchon Papers Volume II,                                                    1982
Selections from the Account
Books of John Pynchon, 1651‑1697
Edited with an Introduction by Carl Bridenbaugh and Juliette Tomlinson

Introduction, List of Principal Abbreviations in the Account
           Books, List of Different Kinds of Furs Traded by the Pynchons, List of Cloth            terms in the Account Books, Selections from the Account Books

62. Collections: Law in Colonial Massachusetts,                                                     1984
Edited by Daniel R. Coquillette, Robert J. Brink, and
       Catherine S. Menand

Thomas Lechford and the Earliest Lawyering in Massachusetts, 1638‑1641,
      by Thomas G. Barnes
Lay Judges: Magistrates and Justices in Early Massachusetts, by George L. Haskins
Nathaniel Byfield, 1653‑1733, by Barbara A. Black
John Clark, Esq., Justice of the Peace, 1667‑1728, by Russell K. Osgood
The Transformation of the Law of Poverty in Eighteenth­ Century Massachusetts,
      by Douglas L. Jones
Criminal Practice in Provincial Massachusetts, David H. Flaherty
Legal Literature in Colonial Massachusetts, by Morris L. Cohen
Law and Authority to the Eastward: Maine Courts, Magistrates, and Lawyers, 1690‑1730,
     by Neal W. Allen, Jr.
Massachusetts Lawyers on the Eve of the American Revolution: The State of the
      Profession, by Charles R. McKirdy
Justinian in Braintree: John Adams, Civilian Learning, and Legal Elitism, 1758‑1775,
      by Daniel R. Coquillette
The American Revolution and the Emergence of Modern Doctrines of Federalism and
     Conflict of Laws, by William E. Nelson
'Immortality brought to Light': An Overview of Massachusetts Colonial Court Records,
      by Robert J. Brink
Court Records as Sources for Historical Writing, by William E. Nelson
A Guide to the Court Records of Early Massachusetts, by Michael S. Hindus
A 'magistracy fit and necessary': A Guide to the Massachusetts Court System,
      by Catherine S. Menand
Sources for the Study of Law in Colonial Massachusetts at the American Antiquarian
     Society, Worcester, Massachusetts, by Kathleen A. Major
Sources for the Study of Law in Colonial Massachusetts at the Essex Institute, Salem,
      Massachusetts, by Caroline Preston
Sources for the Study of Law in Colonial Massachusetts at the Harvard Law School,
     Cambridge, Massachusetts, by Edith G. Henderson
Sources for the Study of Law in Colonial Massachusetts at the Massachusetts Historical
     Society, Boston, Massachusetts, by John D. Cushing

63. Collections: Seventeenth‑Century New England                                               1984
Edited by David D. Hall, David G. Allen, and Philip C. F. Smith

Climate and Mastery of the Wilderness in Seventeenth‑Century New England,
      by Karen 0. Kupperman
Patterns of Agriculture in Seventeenth‑Century New England, by Joan Thirsk
"Both Englands," by David G. Allen
Work and Life on the Fishing Periphery of Essex County, Massachusetts, 1630‑1675,
     by Daniel Vickers
European Beginnings on the Northwest Atlantic: A Comparative View, by Cole Harris
The Puritan Portrait: Its Function in Old and New England, by Lillian B. Miller
The Godly in Transit: English Popular Protestantism and the Creation of a Puritan
     Establishment in America, by Stephen Foster
A World of Wonders: The Mentality of the Supernatural in Seventeenth‑Century New
      England, by David D. Hall
"Heated" Speech and Literacy in Seventeenth‑Century New England,
     by Robert St. George
New England and a Wider World: Notes on Some Central Themes of Modern
     Historiography, by Bernard Bailyn

64. Collections: The Glorious Revolution in Massachusetts:                                    1988
    Selected Documents, 1689‑1692
Edited by Robert Earle Moody and Richard Clive Simmons

Historical Introduction, by Robert Simmons
Massachusetts Documents, 1689‑1692, edited by Robert E. Moody
Massachusetts and British Documents, 1689‑1692, edited by Richard C. Simmons

65. Collections. In Debt to Shays: The Bicentennial of an Agrarian                          1991
Revolution  Available UPressVA
Edited by Robert A. Gross

The Uninvited Guest: Daniel Shays and the Constitution, by Robert A. Gross
The Public Creditor Interest in Massachusetts Politics, 1780‑86, by Richard Buel, Jr.
Shays's Rebellion in Long Perspective: The Merchants and the "Money Question,"
     by Joseph A. Ernst
Debt Litigation and Shays's Rebellion, by Jonathan M. Chu
The Federalist Reaction to Shays's Rebellion, by Stephen E. Patterson
"The Fine Theoretic Government of Massachusetts Is Prostrated to the Earth":
     The Response to Shay's Rebellion Reconsidered, by William Pencak
Regulators and White Indians: Forms of Agrarian Resistance in Post‑Revolutionary New
      England, by Alan Taylor
Reinterpreting Rebellion: The Influence of Shays's Rebellion on American Political
      Thought, by Michael Lienesch
Shays's Neighbors: The Context of Rebellion in Peiham, Massachusetts,
      by Gregory H. Nobles
A Deacon's Orthodoxy: Religion, Class, and the Moral Economy of Shays's Rebellion,
     by John L. Brooke
The Religious World of Daniel Shays, by Stephen A. Marini
In Shays 's Shadow: Separation and Ratification of the Constitution in Maine,
     by James Leamon
The Confidence Man and the Preacher: The Cultural Politics of Shays's Rebellion,
     by Robert A. Gross

66. Collections: The Sermon Notebook of Samuel Parris, 1689‑1694                       1993
Edited by James F. Cooper, Jr., and Kenneth P. Minkema

Sermons Joshua 5:9 Jeremiah 48:10 Isaiah 53:5 Jeremiah 48:10 Isaiah 53:5 (sermons 2, 3a, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13) Matthew 28:5‑7 (sermons la, 2a, 3a, 4) John 20:17 (sermons 1 a, 2a) Psalms 110:1 (sermons la, 2a, 3, 4a, 5, 6) John 6:70 Revelations 17:14 (sermons la, 2a) Canticles 1:2 (sermons la, 2a) 1 Corinthians 2:23‑31 (sermons la, 2a, 3a, 4a, 5, 6a, 7a, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20)

67. Collections: Aristotelian and Cartesian Logic at Harvard: Charles Morton's"A Logick System" and William Brattle 's "Compendium of Logick"                                         1995
Edited by Rick Kennedy

Religiously‑Oriented, Dogmatically‑Inclined Humanistic Logics from the Renaissance to
      the Seventeenth Century
Charles Morton and A Logick System
William Brattle and The Compendium of Logick
Epilogue: Later Constituencies of Religious Logics and the Separation of Logic and
     Divinity at Harvard

68. Collections: The Printed Catalogues of the Harvard College Library,                  1996
Edited by W. H. Bond and Hugh Amory

Introduction, by W. H. Bond and Hugh Amory
        1. History
        2. The Catalogues
        3. Printing and Publishing
Appendix I: Printing Bills
Appendix II: Translations of the Prefaces
       The 1723 Catalogue
       The 1773Catalogue
The 1790 Catalogue
        Index and Concordance, by W. H. Bond

69. Collections: The Eighteenth Century Records of the Boston Overseers of the Poor          2007 
Edited by Eric Nellis and Anne D. Cecere

Foreword by John W. Tyler
Introduction by Eric Nellis
    The Historical Setting: The Boston Poor and the Records of the Overseers
    The Overseers and Their Function
    The Almshouse and the Workhouse
Editorial Method by Anne D. Cecere
The Almshouse Census and Inventory, 1756
The Almshouse Admissions, November 19, 1758-December 31, 1800
Miscellaneous Almshouse Births and Deaths, 1756-1771
Children Bound Out, 1756-1790
The Overseers’ Finances, 1738-1769
Miscellaneous Financial Documents, 1795-1800
Samuel Whitwell’s Accounts, 1769-1792

70. Collections: New England Silver and Silversmithing, 1620-1815                         2001
Edited by Jeannine Falino and Gerald W. R. Ward

Foreword by John W. Tyler
Introduction by Jeannine Falino and Gerald W. R. Ward
The Complexity of Silver, by Richard Lyman Bushman
Chasers, the Chase, and other Scenes on Boston Rococo-Style Silver,
     by Patricia E. Kane
Colonial New England Silver Snuff, Tobacco and Patch Boxes: Indices of Gentility,
      by Madeline Siefke Estill
The Silver Chocolate Pots of Colonial Boston, by Gerald W. R.. Ward
“We owe something more than prayers”: Elizabeth Porter Phelps’s Gift of Church Silver
      and Her Quest for Christian Fellowship, by Karen Parsons
Continuity and Change in New England Church Silver and Communion Practices, 1790-
      1840, by Barbara McLean Ward
Paul Revere and 1768: His Portrait and the Liberty Bowl, by Jonathan L. Fairbanks
“The Pride Which Pervades thro every Class”: The Customers of Paul Revere,
     by Jeannine Falino
“Ancient and Valuable Gifts”: Silver at Colonial Harvard, by Janine E. Skerry
Glistening Reflections of Stability: The Roles of Silver in Early Maine,
     by Edwin A Churchill
“An influential and useful man”: Samuel Bartlett of Concord, Massachusetts,
     by David F. Wood
Notes on Contributors

71. Reinterpreting New England Indians and the Colonial Experience                      2003
Available as a print-on-demand book through UVAP
Edited by Colin G. Calloway and Neal Salisbury

Foreword by John W. Tyler
Introduction: Decolonizing New England Indian History by Colin G. Calloway and Neal
Chickwallop and the Beast: Indian Responses to European Animals in Early New
      England by Virginia DeJohn Anderson
“A Little Shall I Say: Translation and Interculturalism in the John Eliot Tracts
     by Joshua David Bellin
Falling “Into a Dreame”: Native Americans, Colonization, and Consciousness in Early
      New England by Ann Marie Plane
The Changing Nature of Indian Slavery in New England, 1670-1720
      by Margaret Ellen Newell
Colonizing the Children: Indian Youngsters in Servitude in Early Rhode Island
     by Ruth Wallis Herndon and Ella Sekatu
Recovering Gendered Political Histories: Local Struggles and Native Women’s
      Resistance in Colonial Southern New England by Trudie Lamb Richmond and
     Amy E. Den Ouden
“This Once Savage Heart of Mine”: Joseph Johnson Wheelock’s “Indians,” and the
      Construction of a Christian Indian Identity, 1764-1776 by Tammy Schneider
The Church in New England Community Life: A View from the Islands and Cape Cod
      by David J. Silverman
“We, as a tribe, will rule ourselves”: Mashpee’s Struggle for Autonomy, 1746-1840
      by Daniel R. Mandell
“A Precarious Living”: Basket Making and Related Crafts Among New England Indians
      by Nan Wolverton

72. The Colonial Church Records of the First Church of Reading (Wakefield) and the first Church of Rumney Marsh (Revere)                                                                      2006
  Available UPressVA
Edited by James F. Cooper and Kenneth P. Minkema

Reading Church Records, 1648-1769
Rumney Marsh Church Records, 1715-1757

73. The Papers of Francis Bernard, Governor of Colonial Massachusetts, 1760-1769, Vol. 1759-1763
Available UPressVA
Edited by Colin Nicolson

Editorial Apparatus
The Papers of Gov. Francis Bernard, 13 Nov. 1759 – 29 Dec. 1763

74. Portrait of a Patriot: The Major Political and Legal Writings of Josiah Quincy Junior, Volume 1: Maxims for a Patriot: Josiah Quincy Junior and His Commonplace Book                                                                                                                          2005
 Available UPressVA
Edited by Neil Longley York

Preface to the Quincy Papers by John Quincy Junior
Foreword to the Quincy Papers by Daniel R. Coquillette and Neil Longley York
A Note on the Gilbert Stuart Portrait of Josiah Quincy Junior by Daniel R. Coquillette
The Making of a Patriot by Neil Longley York
            A Life Cut Short
            Quincy’s Literary Arsenal
            Ideas, Ideals, and Interpretations
The Political Commonplace Book edited by Neil Longley York
The London Journal, 1774-1775, edited by Neil Longley York
Bibliographical Note

75. Portrait of a Patriot: The Major Political and Legal Writings of Josiah Quincy Junior, Volume 2: The Legal Commonplace Book                                                             2008
  Available UPressVA
Edited by Daniel R. Coquilette

Introduction: The Legal Education of a Patriot: Josiah Quincy Jr.’s Law Commonplace (Commenced 1763) by Daniel R. Coquillette
Josiah Quincy Jr., The Law Commonplace (Commenced 1763)
Appendix 1: Quincy Latin Maxims
            Editor’s Note by Daniel R. Coquillette
            Translator’s Note and Introduction by Elizabeth Papp Kamali
The Latin Legal Maxims of Josiah Quincy Jr.
Appendix 2: The Cox Chart to the Quincy Manuscript Books at the Massachusetts                    Historical Society
            Editor’s Note by Daniel R. Coquillette
Appendix 3: Harvard College Library Books Borrowed by Josiah Quincy Jr., 1762-1763
            Editor’s Note by Daniel R. Coquillette

76. Portrait of a Patriot: The Major Political and Legal Writings of Josiah Quincy Junior, Volume 3: The Southern Journal
Available UPressVA
Edited by Daniel R. Coquillette

Editor’s Foreword:  Josiah Quincy Jr.’s Southern Journal (1773) by Daniel R. Coquillette
Transcriber’s Foreword by Michael H. Hayden
Introduction: An Odyssey of America on the Brink of the Revolution: Josiah Quincy
      Jr.’s &;Voyage to the South (1773) by Daniel R. Coquillette
Josiah Quincy Jr., The Southern Journal

 77: The Major Political and Legal Writings of Josiah Quincy Jr.: Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Superior Court of Judicature of Massachusetts Bay, Between 1761 and 1762 (Part One, 1761-1765) edited by Daniel R. Coquillette
Available UPressVA                                                                         2009

Editor’s Foreword by Daniel R. Coquillette
Preface by Samuel M. Quincy, February 9, 1864
Table of Cases
Introduction: First Flower: The Earliest American Law Reports and the Extraordinary         Josiah Quincy Jr. (1744-1775) by Daniel R. Coquilette
The Law Reports (Part One, 1761-1765) by Josiah Quincy Jr.

Vol. 78: The Major Political and Legal Writings of Josiah Quincy Jr.: Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Superior Court of Judicature of Massachusetts Bay, Between 1761 and 1762 (Part Two, 1765-1772) edited by Daniel R. Coquillette
Available UPressVA                                                                         2009

Table of Cases    
The Law Reports (Part Two, 1765-1772) by Josiah Quincy Jr.
Appendix I: Judicial Dissents
Appendix II: Areas of Law Represented 
Appendix III: Sources of Authority Cited
Appendix IV: Summary of Cases
Appendix V: Editor’s Note by Daniel R. Coquillette 
Cases Citing to Quincy’s Reports
“Phantom” References to Quincy’s Reports in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court      Reports by Mark G. Sullivan
Appendix VI: Brief Biographies of Lawyers Active in Boston at the time of Quincy’s         Reports    
Appendix VII: Composition of the Superior Court of Judicature, 1745-1775
Appendix VIII: Editor’s Note by Daniel R. Coquillette
Catalogue of Books Belonging to the Estate of Josiah Quincy Junr: Deceas’d 
            Biographical Guide to Quincy’s Library Catalogue  

Vol. 79: The Correspondence of John Cotton Jr. edited by Sheila McIntyre and Len Travers
AvailableUPressVA                                                                                      2009

Editorial Method
Presenting the Text
Personal Notes
I: Failure in Connecticut, 1662-1664
II: Plymouth’s New Minister, 1669-1674
III. King Philip’s War, 1675-1676.
IV. Recovery and Imperial Politics, 1676-1680.
V: New England in Old England, 1681–1691
VI: Salary Troubles in a Contentious Congregation
VII: Clark’s Island
VIII: King William’s War, 1689–1697
IX: Your Affectionate Father, 1692–1697
X: Scandal in Plymouth, 1697–1698
XI: Leaving Massachusetts and Exile in Carolina, 1698–1699

Vol. 80: The Writings of Henry Hulton: An Outsider’s Inside View of the American Revolution edited by Neil Longley York
Available UPressVA                                                                                     2010

Prologue: In Time, Forgotten
Introduction: Imperial Odyssey
Henry Hulton’s Writings  
Some Account of the Proceedings of the People in New England from the Establishment         of a Board of Customs in America, to the breaking out of the Rebellion in 1775
Miscellaneous Pieces  

81. The Papers of Francis Bernard, Governor of Colonial Massachusetts, Vol. II: 1764-1765                           
Available UPressVA                                                         
Edited by Colin Nicolson

Editorial Apparatus
Letters, 7 Jan. 1764---22 Dec. 1765

82. New Views of New England: Studies in Material and Visual Culture, 1680-1830              
Available UPressVA                                                               2012
Edited by Georgia Barnhill and Martha McNamara
Georgia B. Barnhill, Foreword
Martha J. McNamara, “Introduction: The Materiality of Experience in Early New England”
Emerson W. Baker, “The Archaeology of 1690: Status and Material Life on New England’s Northern Frontier”
Patricia Johnston, “Depicting Geographic Knowledge: Mariners’ Drawings from Salem, Massachusetts”
Kevin Muller, “Navigation, Vision, and Empire: Eighteenth-Century Engraved Views of Boston in a British Atlantic Context”
Kevin D. Murphy, “Buildings, Landscapes, and the Representation of Authority on the Eastern Frontier”
Katherine Rieder, “‘The Remainder of Our Effects We Must Leave Behind’: American Loyalists and the Meaning of Things”
Catherine E. Kelly, “The Color of Whiteness: Picturing Race on Ivory"
Katherine Stebbins McCaffrey, “Hares Haeredem: The Spectator through Samuel Dexter’s Spectacles”
Steven C. Bullock, “’Often concerned in funerals’: Ritual, Material Culture, and the Large Funeral in the Age of Samuel Sewall”
Martin Brückner, “The ‘New England’ Cartouche: Tablets, Tableaux, and Theatricality in Eighteenth-Century Cartography”
Wendy Bellion, “New England’s Ends”
List of Contributors

83. The Papers of Francis Bernard, Governor of Colonial Massachusetts,
Vol. III: 1766-1767
Available UPressVA                                                           2013&
Edited by Colin Nicolson

List of Abbrevaitions
Editorial Apparatus
Letters, 4 Jan. 1766 –7 Dec. 1767

84. The Correspondence of Thomas Hutchinson, Vol. I: 1740-1766
Available UPressVA                                                              2014
Edited by John W. Tyler and Elizabeth Dubrulle
List of Illustrations
Textual Introduction
From First Citizen to Arch-Villain: The Downfall of Thomas Hutchinson
Primary Officeholders
Biographical Dictionary
Chronology: 1711-1766
Selected Correspondence: 1740-1766
Calendar of Correspondence 1740-1766

85. Portrait of a Patriot, The Major Political and Legal Writings of Josiah Quincy Jr.
Vol. VI: Correspondence and Published Political and Legal Writings
Available UPressVA                                                                2014
Edited by Neil L. York
Dedication: Pauline R. Maier
Note on Editing
Letters, Essays and Pamphlet

86. The Papers of Francis Bernard, Governor of Colonial Massachusetts,
Vol. IV: 1768
Available UPressVA                                                           2015      
Edited by Colin Nicolson
List of Abbreviations
Editorial Apparatus
The Correspondence of Gov. Francis Bernard, 8 Jan. – 30 Sept. 1768

87. The Papers of Francis Bernard, Governor of Colonial Massachusetts,
Vol. V: 1768
 - 1769                         
Available UPressVA 
Edited by Colin Nicolson
List of Abbreviations
Editorial Apparatus
The Correspondence of Gov. Francis Bernard, 1 Oct. 1768 – 29 July 1769

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